About Us

Drop Your Broker launched with a simple desire – to see more agents become independent!

Drop Your Broker was started by experienced Texas Real Estate Broker Paul Harmon and Texas Attorney Steve Johnson with the goal of making agents more independent. They have worked for many years in this business, and their goal is to see our hardworking agents succeed in real estate.

Our Brokers

Drop Your Broker - Paul Harmon - photo

Paul Harmon

A Native-born Texan, Paul Harmon is the founder of DYB and has been a resident of Lubbock for the past 24 years. He has been a broker since 1997 and loves watching agents achieve independence in their careers. He is based in Lubbock Texas but enjoys helping agents all across Texas. Paul is the sponsoring broker for our Business Entity offices and the agents of Our Texas Real Estate.

Drop Your Broker - AJ Johnson - photo

AJ Johnson

AJ is a co-owner of Drop Your Broker and Our Texas Real Estate, LLC. She is the broker for the non-MLS agents and the Associate Broker and Delegated Supervisor for Our Texas Real Estate. She works tirelessly to support our offices and agents in becoming the best they can be in the Real Estate Business.

Other Team Members

Drop Your Broker - Steve Johnson - photo

Steve Johnson

A Native-born Texan, Steve Johnson is the co-founder of Drop Your Broker and has been practicing law since 1992. He acts as general counsel to Drop Your Broker and he is available to answer your questions regarding the proper formation of your LLC or your contract with DYB.

Drop Your Broker - Haily Brown - photo

Haily Brown

As our Marketing Manager, she works to spread the word about the benefits of Drop Your Broker. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, gardening and spending time with her husband and daughter.

Drop Your Broker - Haily Brown - photo

Elise Johnson

Our Onboarding Specialist will help guide new agents as they begin their journey with Drop Your Broker. Born and raised in Texas, she’s always happy to talk to you about country music and UT football. She’s looking forward to welcoming you to Drop Your Broker.

Drop Your Broker - Haily Brown - photo

Dallas Johnson

Our Social Media Manager works hard to spread the good word about Drop Your Broker. He wears many different hats as a college student, DYB employee, and an aspiring real estate agent.