Real Esate Agent Independence

How It Works

The simplest explanation is that a Drop Your Broker principal acts as a sponsoring broker for your own registered real estate business to allow you to become an independent agent.

3 Steps That Allow You to “Drop” Your Broker!

You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.


Apply For Sponsorship

Drop Your Broker provides 3 different sponsorship plans to choose from, depending on your personal goals as an agent. So, if you are ready to earn bigger commissions on the properties you sell and say “Goodbye” to your current Broker, then it’s time for you to apply for Sponsorship. Just click the orange “Get Started” button below (or at the top of the page) to “Drop Your Broker” today!

Register Your RE Business

You create a LLC with the Secretary of State and then apply for a license with TREC as a Business Entity LLC Brokerage. One of Drop Your Broker’s principals serves as the sponsoring broker to your LLC and the LLC serves as broker to the agents. You are the owner of the LLC/Brokerage. A Drop Your Broker’s principal is listed as a managing member (this is required by TREC) and serves as sponsoring broker for you.

Make More Money!

All of Drop Your Broker’s sponsorship plans are designed to allow you to keep more of each commission you make. You keep 100% of the commissions you bring in on your sales, on all 3 plans, with limited transaction and monthly maintenance fees on each plan.

Drop Your Broker Real Estate Agent Sponsorship Plans

All of our plans are designed to help you grow as an independent agent!