Checklist For Starting Your Business

Below are some of the practical requirements for starting your own real estate business.
DYB LLC setup service is available.

Meet Your New Broker

Fill out our contact form and set up a time to talk to Paul Harmon. It is important to consult with your broker before forming an LLC. He will assist with the structure of the LLC to ensure TREC compliance.

Develop a Brand Name and Logo

Imagine your sign in front of a listing. What colors do you see and what brand name embodies your philosophy and vision? This work will represents you as a company and in the city where you do business, it will be seen by many. Put some time and effort into this process.

Create an LLC

To be considered a brokerage, TREC requires that you create a business entity in the form of an LLC or corporation. Most new offices choose an LLC because of the cost and simplicity. The LLC name can be any name and doesn’t have to match the brand name. Please consult with Paul before starting the LLC Process.

File DBA Name with County and State

Make sure you have an LLC in place before completing this step. First file your brand name with the Texas Secretary of State. Next, visit your county clerk’s office and file a DBA (Doing Business As) for your Brand Name.

Obtain Your EIN Numbers

Also known as a “Tax ID Number”, the EIN is a business federal tax ID that works like a Social Security Number for the business. There is also a Texas State Franchise Tax ID Number, also called an EIN.

Apply with TREC

We will assist you in putting together all the required documentation before beginning the online application process. Once you are ready to start, apply online with TREC. Once logged in, look under ‘Start a New Application’ and select ‘Application for LLC Broker’.

Order Signs

Once officially approved by TREC, it’s time to make your largest expenditure and order signs. Also, don’t forget to order yard signs for your open houses. We recommend Build-A-Sign.

Order Marketing Material

It’s time to order all your marketing material like business cards, folders, etc. We recommend Vistaprint, but there are many other good places as well.

Transfer Your License

You can easily move your license online with TREC. Once logged in, look under ‘Change Your License Information and Manage Relationships’ and select ‘Manage My Sponsorship (Sales)’.

Register with Local MLS Office

Register the new brokerage with your local MLS office. If there are already Drop Your Broker Offices in your area, you may not need to re-register the brokerage.

Transfer Your Listings

Our local MLS office should be able to assist with the transfer of your listings from your old brokerage to Drop Your Broker.